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'If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore, and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God?'

Theremon 762, only a mad idea in (a cub reporters mind)...
the impossible (interviews)...
bruises, blackened, broken bones led to an ample supply of calm and (self) confidence so he lowered his grasp. calmly waited for the director to get over the worst of it all.

"Astromers (were the) queerest of ducks.
This same Aton was the duckiest of (them all)"

Aton found his voice and though it trembled with restrained emotion, the careful somewhat pedantic phraseology

Of which the famous astronomer was known by all, did not abandon him.
"Sir you display an infernal gall coming to me with propositions."


"Do not interfere, (Beenay) I will credit you with good intentions, bringing this man, (but) I will tolerate no disrespect."

"Director Aton if you let me finish what I started to say, I think-"

"'I don't believe, young man that anything you could count much as compared with your daily columns of these last two months. You have led a vast (newspaper) campaign against the efforts of myself and my colleagues to organize the world against the menace which it is now too late to stop"


from torches, track released June 13, 2010



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2049 Cleveland, Ohio

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